On this occasion, the most concerned thing of the Southern tourists when traveling to Northern mountainous areas is the cold weather. Actually, this is the most beautiful season in Moc Chau with cauliflower bloom all over the mountains, Sapa is overwhelmed with the color of cherry, plum blossom. Therefore, just be well prepared, you can be ready to enjoy the spring colors everywhere.

  18/01/2013 10:00

According to the local people, on Tet days, the temperature will rise gradually with warm sunshine, so the tourists will not cope up with many obstacles during the tour. Mr. Ngoc Anh – a professional tour guide for East-West North tours of Vietravel recommends the tourists to bring warm clothing, anoraks to avoid flue when meeting drizzle. You are also recommended to bring umbrella, hat, soft and anti-slip shoes. A palm oil bottle, thermo, peppermint candy or food with hot taste etc. are also very helpful to protect the health and prevent cold.  

Another thing you should remember is that before starting the tour, remember to charge fully your camera to take photos of hills of plum and peach flowers in Sapa, Moc Chau. Wandering in the hills of white and pink flowers and enjoying early plum fruits of the season or taking photos at endless tea hills, heart-shaped tea hills are activities that you should not miss. However, you should be careful to avoid breaking flower branches or destroying tea fields because this is the labor of a hard-working year of the local people.

This year, for North tours, Vietravel has more advantages than other travel companies because the company offers the services with the best quality and continuously introduces new destinations. According to the survey, although there is about 3 weeks to Lunar New Year, Northern Spring Travel Tours has sold approximately 80%. Averagely, there are 50 tourists come to learn information and book for North Tours, therefore Vietravel has decided to open more tours to meet the demand of the market.

Ms. Lan (lives in Binh Thanh district) said that she just booked for Hanoi-Sapa-Dien Bien-Son La-Moc Chau Tour (6days) with the price from VND13.39 million, departure: 1st, 4th, 5th of Tet because she wanted to enjoy West-North spring in the slightly cold weather – the thing can not be found in Saigon because Saigon has only two season of rainy and sunny seasons. East-North ToursHa Noi – Bai Dinh – Trang An – Ba Be – Cao Bang – Ban Gioc Fall – Lenin Stream (6 days), Price: VND14.29 million, departure: 4th, 5th of Tet are also booked by many tourists because there are many new destinations such as Ban Gioc, Ba Be Lake, Pak Po Relic Area – famous beauty spots at the Border Area of the nation. If you wish to go on a pilgrimage to wish for a lucky year, Hanoi – Do Temple – Sapa- Huong Pagoda – Thien Vien Truc Lam Tay Thien (6 days) Tour, price: VND13.69 million (already discount VND400,000), Departure: 1st of Tet is ready to serve you. Instead of pushing on another in the festival season, you can relax to enjoy Huong Pagoda scenery because Vietravel is “one step ahead” to take the tourists here before the Festival Opening day on the 6th of Tet.


On Tet Tours, you will also receive the best services and promotions. For Hanoi - Yen Tu - Ha Long - Sapa - Do Temple – Bai Dinh – Trang An Tour (6 days), price from: VND13.79 million, Departure: 2nd to 6th of Tet, you will not only receive discount up to VND600,000 but also offered with Bai Dinh -Trang An tour by Vietravel, free-of-charge Yen Tu Telpher Ticket. Return Hanoi-Lao Cai Tour will be more comfortable if the tourists use high-ranking train services and check in a hotel in Hanoi at 4AM to have more time to rest and ensure the health. For Hanoi - Yen Tu - Hanoi - Sung Sot Cave - Titop Island – Bai Dinh – Trang An (4 days) Tour, price: VND10.99 million, departure: from 2nd to 4th of Tet, the tourists will have 6 hours to discover Hanoi and enjoy Sung Sot Cave, go to the top of Titop Island to see the whole view of the bay while other travel companies only give 4 hours.

More than anyone else, Vietravel understands that for each tour, it is very important to discover local foods and drinks to help the tourists understand more about the land that they come. On this Tet, Vietravel will not only pay attention on improving the quality of the meals but also introducing many famous special foods of Northern Highlands to the tourists. Having a meal in Sapa, all tourists will love to eat steam or fried Su Su sprouts or soft grilled meat with crispy skin, soft lean to serve with sticky rice. Visiting Moc Chau grassland, a glass of nutritious and healthy milk, veal cooked with lemongrass, ginger and spices will be soft and delicious to make you feel clearly a fresh spring in your soul.

Besides, with the advantage of good flight hour, started from early morning and arrived in the late afternoon, the tourists will have more time to discover and rest and this is a “plus score” to make the tourists pleased. If making advance payment of 100% tour price from the 1st to 10th of Tet, the tourists will also receive immediately a discount coupon for the next tour with the value of from VND150,000 to VND3,000,000 when buying tour.

Besides North tours, sea tours of Ninh Chu – Vinh Huy Bay (3 days) with price of VND3.89 million, departure from 2nd to 6th of Tet; Nha Trang-Ninh Chu (4 days) with the price of VND4.59 million, departure on the 5th of Tet; Phan Thiet - Ninh Chu (4 days) with the price of VND4.29 million, departure on the 5th of Tet; Nha Trang - Phu Yen (5 days) with the price of VND5.19 million, departure on the 2nd of Tet etc.  Especially Chau Doc - Ha Tien - Sihanouk Ville – Bokor Highlands (4 days) with the price of VND5.99 million; departure on the 4th of TET is very attractive to the tourists because besides interesting destinations, the tourists will also have chance to stay and entertain at 5-star Sokha hotel and enjoy professional services. So why wait for anything else that does not come to Vietravel to start Spring Travel and become the owner of 4.5mm diamond in the attractive Spring 2013 Travel Promotion Program.        



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