The spring in Ottawa is amazing. The sun shines over the green color of leaves. The green and pink buds begin to show on the tree branches, and the tulips start blossoming all over the city. In the atmosphere full of sweet aroma, once per year, May is the time for Ottawa to show of its strong vitality in the space filled with flower colors.

  24/03/2014 16:21

Ottawa, a small city with population around 1 million people, not only attracts tourists by its ancient and peaceful architecture but also well known by the world thanks to the annual Canadian Tulip Festival held in the 1st two week of May. This is the biggest event in the region of North America captivating millions of tourists all over the world and contributes about 50 million dollars to the Canadian economy.

Saying goodbye to busy and animated Montreal City, I arrived at Ottawa Capital on a peaceful spring morning. Passing the journey of 200 km which took only 2 hours. The scenery along the way was like a picture of countryside with bright colors, a song with lilting melodies. All of those things made up a cheerful space and a special feeling only available in this city.

The very first image that attracted my attention was the green color of grass covering all Ottawa city from the lawn before the Parliament buildings, in the park, the Peace Tower reflected in the sky to the green creepers coating the old walls of Ottawa University. Behind the Parliament library appeared a romantic scene of gentle Ottawa River dividing the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in the area.

The spring in Ottawa comes late at the beginning of April and lasts until the middle of June. With cool climate around 15 Celsius degrees, spring is the ideal time for you to discover the nature, melt yourself in local cultural festivals, and most of all adore the splendid tulips in Commissioners Park on the shores of Dow's Lake.

Commissioners Park is like a magnet attracting international tourists most of whom are from North America and Asia and very fond of the beauty of tulip gardens in Ottawa. They come to Ottawa Capital in order to see by their eyes effulgent tulips, violet cestrums, yellow paperwhite flowers stretching as far as the eyes can see. Those flowers seem to just wake up after a long winter sleep and say hello to the new spring full of sunshine.

Coming Ottawa on the flower festival, I had a wonderful time to adore over one million tulips of different types. The flowers were competing with one another to show off their beauty in Commissioners Park. While viewing the flowers, I took the chance to breath the fresh air of spring melting in the aroma of this charming flower. I was allured by the tulips blooming everywhere in the city. Those flowers were so lively displaying their cheerful colors of red, yellow and pink. It seemed that all flowers together were making a colorful silk stretched out on the street under the spring sunshine. 

Walking along the bank of Rideau River flooded with honey-colored sunlight and scattered with white dandelions, I discovered the tulips planted in some gardens on the way. Dropping at Major's Hill Park, I did not miss the chance of enjoying international music performances and trying the foods in the exhibition of international cuisine.

Temporarily leaving Ottawa Capital and closing the unforgettable days in one of the most peaceful cities in the world, I keep in my heart sweet experiments of beautiful landscapes, exciting atmosphere of festivals, and most of all the colors of flowers and the spring vitality on every way I traveled by.


+ Further information:

- The tulip festival was originated from the donation of 100.000 tulip bulbs from the Dutch Princess Juliana to Canada in order to preserve the heritage of Canada's role in liberating the Dutch during the Second World War. The tulip was given as a gift in perpetuity to the Canadian people for having provided safe harbor to the Dutch Royal Family during the German Occupation of the Netherlands. The tulip remains a special meaning and a valuable symbol of friendship between two countries.

- From the original donation of 100.000 bulbs, at present, tulips are planted up to millions of bulbs yearly. Such special gift has made Ottawa the capital of tulip in the North America.  

- The first Canadian Tulip Festival was organized in 1953 following the suggestion of the famous photographer Malak Karsh.


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