Spring time is when a family gets together after a whole year long of hard work. Just as good, it is when the family pays homage to the ancestors and plan their pilgrim trips. By tradition, traveling for pilgrimage and pray for fortune and prosperity is something the Vietnamese won’t miss during New Year’s days. Each part of the country has a most popular destination, usually a sacred pagoda which is known for great blessing for pilgrimers.

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Up north, tourists will venture up Mt. Yen Tu and visit Chua Dong Pagoda, the birth place of Truc Lam Buddhism founded by a King Tran Nhan Ton of the 13th century. Yen Tu Festival takes place every year on the 10th day of the 1st month in lunar calendar with many activities. One other famous place is Bai Dinh Pagoda in Ninh Binh, now one of the largest pagodas in South East Asia, erected on Trang An karst range. The old structure of Bai Dinh was built on top of the mountain as far back as the 11th century of the Ly Dynasty. Around this old shrine, vestiges are well preserved and tourists can visit the light cave, the dark cave, Cao Son Deity Shrine, the Jade Well.

The Central Vietnam has an emblem for Buddhist pilgrimers which are the 400 year old Thien Mu Pagoda, sitting peacefully on the bank of Huong River. With many efforts for renovation, Thien Mu is truly a scenic attraction on the Ha Khe Hill, told by geomancers as the head of a dragon which favored the coronation of the Nguyen Dynasty in 19th century.


Down south in Chau Doc, Mieu Ba Chua Xu or the temple of the Holy Mother every year draws a 2 million crowd of visitors in a few days of the festival. The temple sits at the base of Mt. Sam in a flat stretch of land the middle of That Son range. There is a great myth behind the sacred statue of the Mother that you should come and learn.

For longer holidays of the coming New Year, tourists can have even more options for their pilgrimage trips to other great destinations in Asia. India and Nepal are among the most wanted dream destinations of many Buddhist followers. They will have the opportunity to visit the four holy vestiges marking four great events in Siddhartha's life including Lumbini where Siddhartha was born, Bodh Gaya where His got enlightened, Sarnath where he converted his first five disciples, and Kusinagar where he retreated to Nirvana.

Myanmar is another story. This country remains a secret with thousands of imposing pagodas standing in quietness. Thailand, the land of smiles, is as well a great Buddhist country with elaborate Buddhist architecture. Sri Lanka and Cambodia are another two fascinating places for pilgrimers.


With many years of experience in arrangement of pilgrimage trips as well of the profound understanding of pilgrimers' preference, every year Vietravel organizes inspirational journeys with a great deal of spiritual meanings. For 2014 with great offers for the New Year, you will own your opportunity to visit sacred lands and the right to expect great fortunes.


Sample tour programs:

Hanoi – Yen Tu – Halong – Bai Dinh – Trang An (4 days)

From: 10,390,000 VND.

Departure: 27 Jan 2014; 1, 2, 3, 4 Feb 2014.

Hanoi – Yen Tu – Halong – Do Temple – Sapa – Bai Dinh – Trang An (6 days)

From: 13,990,000 VND.

Departure: 31 Jan 2014; 1, 2, 3 Feb 2014.

Hue – Paradise Cave – Ba Na – Hoi An – Danang (5 days)

From: 9,790,000 VND.

Departure: 1 Feb 2014.

Chau Doc – Tra Su – Ha Tien – Rach Gia – Can Tho (4 days)

From: 3,890,000 VND.

Departure: 1, 2, 3 Feb 2014.

Thailand (5 days)

From: 5,990,000 VND.

Departure: From 28 Jan – 9 Feb 2014.

Myanmar (4 days)

From: 14,990,000 VND.

Departure: 4 Feb 2014.

Myanmar (4 – 5 days)

From: 15,990,000 VND.

Departure: 5 Feb 2014.

Nepal – India (11 days)

From: 46,900,000 VND.

Departure: 5 Feb 2014.


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