When Tet is coming, the number of people booking for Tet tours at travel companies increases suddenly. While many travel companies close the booking soon, with the capacity and reputation, Vietravel decides to open additionally hundreds of new tours to serve the tourists throughout the country to welcome New Year 2013 at the last minute with attractive discounts.

  30/01/2013 10:14

Increase in inbound tours because run out of tours

Different from previous years, the demands for tours this year are distributed evenly in the North, Central and South region and the tourists are mainly a group of families or friends. For the people in the south, slightly cold weather and space full with colors of peach flowers, Ban flowers or Spring festivals in highlands will be new and strange spring experience that everyone wishes to experience once. Therefore, tours to East-North, West-North regions with the main routes of Hanoi, Ha Long, Sapa by Vietravel are really “hot” right at first days of January.

Ms. Ta Thi Tu Uyen - Manager of Individual Inbound tourists Market said that “This year, many travel companies close Tet tours booking early with reports on decrease in number of tourists due to economic difficulties and limited capacity to open tours at the last minute, meanwhile the number of tourists booking at Vietravel is continuously increased, especially in last days of the year. We decided to open more tours for thousands of tourists to serve all demand of the tourists thanks to close cooperation with airlines, restaurants, hotels, public service providers with preferential discounts to attract the tourists. This fact has both confirmed the organization capacity and the reputation as well as the professionalism and readiness to serve the tourists of Vietravel”. In particularly, “Hanoi - Yen Tu - Ha Long - Sapa - Bai Dinh - Trang An” Tour (6 days) with discount of from VNd400,000 to VND600,000 + Bai Dinh, Trang An services with the price only from VND13,790,000 – VND14,390,000; Departure: 3rd, 6th of Tet; Tay Bac Cherry Flower Seeing - Hanoi - Sapa - Lao Chai - Ta Van - Dien Bien - Son La - Moc Chau tour (6 days); price from: VND13,990,000 – VND14,290,000. Departure 2nd, 3rd, 4th of Tet; “Hanoi - Bai Dinh - Trang An - Ba Be - Bac Kan - Cao Bang - Ban Gioc Falls” Tour (6 days), price from VND14,290,000, Departure 4th, 5th of Tet.

On the occasion of last year, Vietravel also welcomes the high number of Oversea Vietnamese, students learning abroad who return the country to welcome Tet and travel in Vietnam. This kind of tourists accounts for a high proportion in Central Region market segment and West Region market segment of Vietravel. With particular promotion for each particular product and good service quality, these tours have been fulfilled soon from mid January. Before increasing demand from the tourists, Vietravel continues to add more tours by cars and airplanes. For Central Region, and Island and Sea Tours, there are the following tours: Nha Trang - Da Lat (5 days), Price: VND 4.990,000. Departure: 2nd of Tet, Da lat travel by air and stay at 4-star hotel (3 days), Price from: VND 6,890,000. Departure: 2nd Tet, Da Lat – City of Flower (3 days by car), Price: VND 3,290,000. Departure: 2nd Tet, 4th Tet, Ta Cu – Mui Ne – Gold Sand Hill (3 days), Price from: VND 2,790,000. Departure: 4th Tet, 6th Tet; Nha Trang – by car (3 days), Price from: VND 4,090,000 (already discount VND300,000). Departure: Evening 1st Tet, 4th Tet, 5th Tet; Ninh Chu – Vinh Hy Bay (3 days), Price VND3,890,000. Departure: 2nd Tet; Ninh Chu – Da Lat (4 days), Price: VND 3,990,000 (already discount VND300,000). Departure: 5th of Tet; Phan Thiet – Mui Ne – Ninh Chu (4 days), Price: VND 4,090,000 (already discount VND200,000). Departure: 5th of Tet; Nha Trang – by air (3 days), Price from: VND 6,890,000 (already discount VND400,000). Departure: 5th, 6th of Tet. Mien Tay Tours with the topic “Tet in the South” are also added with new tour of My Tho – Cu Lao Thoi Son Ben Tre- Can Tho (2 days), Price: VND 1,990,000 (already discount VND200,000). Departure: 3rd, 5th of Tet; Chau Doc – Ha Tien – Sihanouk Ville (5-star Resort) –Bokor Entertainment Highlands(4 days), Price: VND 5,990,000. Departure: 4th of Tet.

Outbound tours before and after Tet all grow strongly

As recorded at Transaction Counter of Vietravel, in recent days, the number of tourists book for outbound tours before and after Tet is all increased. The tourists come to book for tours before Tet are mainly to neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia. Ensured quality and suitable discount policy has helped Vietravel to continue attracting tourists in outbound market segment in this Tet occasion. Ms. Lam Thi Ly - a US Oversea Vietnamese just booked for Malaysia Tour on Tet said “I travel very often and go with many travel companies. However after go with Vietravel, I decide that I will not go with any other travel company because everything here is very professional. We spend money to travel and we expert to receive the respective comfort and values and we receive all these things when go with Vetravel

Besides, tours started after Tet also increase. This is partially because the people want to stay fully with their families in the 3 days of Tet and then many tourists will start their tours from the 4th Tet, another reason is because some tours with far distance will requires time for completing visa application and these procedures are not completed before Tet, so these tours are moved to after Tet. In order to meet the above mentioned demand, with the organization and booking capacity, Vietravel are always “available” for the tourists to select and book directly or through the website at Hundreds of Spring tours to many countries to welcome festivals are still available even Tet is coming soon. Some tours are still offered for sale at Vietravel such as: Cambodia Tour  (4 days),  Departure: 7, 9, 14, 15, 16/02, Price from: VND 4,590,000, Thailand (5 days), Departure: 6, 7 , 8, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20/02, Price from: VND 6,990,000; Singapore (4 days), Departure: 6, 7, 8, 9, 16,17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23/02, Price from: VND 8,990,000; Malaysia (4 days), Departure: 7, 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20/02, Price from: VND 7,990,000; Singapore – Malaysia (6 days), Departure: 6, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23/02, Price from: VND 13,990,000; Kong Kong (5 days), Departure: 18/02, Price from: VND 21,990,000; Hong Kong - Shenzhen - Guangzhou (6 days), Departure: 21, 23, 24, 26, 28/02, Price from: VND 15,990,000; Hong Kong - Shenzhen (5 days), Departure: 25, 27/02, Price from: VND 14,990,000; China (7 days) Departure: 16/02, Price from: VND 20,990,000; Korea (6 days), Departure: 23, 26/02, Price from: VND 24,990,000; Japan (6 days), Departure: 26/02, 12/03, Price from: VND 47,990,000; Dubai (5 days), Departure: 27/02, Price from: VND 39,990,000; Bali (4 days), Departure: 16/02, Price from: VND 18,990,000; Jakarta (4 days), DEPARTURE: 24/02, Price from: VND 8,690,000; Manila (4 days), Departure:15/02, Price from: VND 14,990,000.


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