While many tourists choose to welcome a sweet Christmas in Sapa, Da Lat or Ba Na Mount to enjoy the cold air of the winter, many other tourists choose HongKong for the tour at the end of the year in combination with shopping for sales-off brand products at attractive price.

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HongKong Center is decorated artistically, Christmas Statue in Hong Kong is of 15m high with 3 dandelions flying which are represented for wishes. The statue has the color changed continuously in accordance with the special music sounds at Statue Square. What do you wish for this Christmas and these wishes may come true because Hong Kong has all fun and unexpected things. Everywhere, from the skyscrapers to the shops and supermarkets, they are all changed the colors for a warm Christmas and streets are bright up with sparkling lights. HongKong will make you really pleased during this holiday season at the end of the year at the places that you cannot ignore.


Hongkong Disneyland – shimmer at Christmas time 


Please enjoy a happy and romantic Christmas at the Hong Kong Disneyland Park with Grizzly Gulch which is designed in a rocky cave. Each compartment is as a gold mining car running through an artificial land created following Western Style of cowboys, gold mining dumps. In the land, Toy Story Land will take you back childhood time with toys and magic things of the Christmas. In the luxurious restaurant or shopping centers, you will have a good time for playing and immersed in the vibrant festival with the fairy color. 


Madame Tussauds Wax Museum welcoming Christmas


It is wonderful that this year you can have some Christmas pictures with 100 celebrities of the world such as President Obama, Steve Job – former CEO of Apple, Lady Gaga or famous Chinese actors such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Please visit HongKong Wax Museum where is more shimmer with Christmas scene and Christmas Tree.


Christmas at Ocean Park


You can hardly recognize water park in Ocean Park Christmas season because this place was splendidly decorated with union actors World famous acrobatic Santa Claus with Aquarium version really fancy and impressive. All around you are the polar bears, penguins, Antarctica, more than 5,000 marine fish and rare animals of Asia. Do not miss the opportunity to explore multi-sensory program Symbio screen with 360-degree water first in the world to be shown here ..


Performance on Noah Boat

During Christmas time this year, Noah Boat in HongKong will offer an attractive Christmas atmosphere. Big animals on a giant boat will welcome you to participate in interesting entertainment games and visit restaurants where sell Snow Man cakes, yule logs. You can together with your family to enjoy a sweet Christmas in the exciting music of tintinnabula from reindeers.

Attractive, new and strange are what Hong Kong will welcome tourists in this Christmas and New Year 2014. Are you ready for Hong Kong Tour with Vietravel. With Vietravel, you will feel fully the professionalism and superior service quality.

Please visit nearest offices, branches of Vietravel or Headquarter of Vietravel at 190 Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC. Tel: (08) 38228898. 

Or register for the tour online at www.travel.com.vn


Some HongKong Tours at Christmas time for your references:

Hong Kong-Disneyland-Macau (5 days) 

Departure: 26/11; 21,24,28,31/12

Price: From VND18.99 million.

HongKong -Disneyland-Macau-Shenzhen (6 days) 

Departure: 27/12

Price: From VND 21.59 million.

HongKong -Disneyland- Wax Museum  -Ocean Park (5 days) 

Departure: 30/11 & 5,7,10/12

Price: From VND 17.39 million.

HongKong -Disneyland-Wax Museum (4 days) 

Departure: 21,24,28,31/12

Price: From VND 16.39 million

HongKong -Disneyland-Dai Nhi Son-Shenzhen (5 days) 

Departure: 21/11;07,10,19,26/12

Price: From VND 16.39 million

(*) Offer free of charge the ticket to visit Sky 100 when registering above tours


Tour Eco – Super Savings: 

Hong Kong-Disneyland- Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Window of the World (6 days)

Departure: 21,22,28/11; 2,6,9,11,13,17,27/12

Price: From VND 16.99 million. 

Hong Kong-Disneyland-Wax Museum-Dai Nhi Son (4 days)

Departure: 16,26/11

Price: From VND 14.99 million


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