From the second half of June, Australia's winter will make you surprised with snow and ice which is opposed to the hot summer of Vietnam. Here, you will go skiing on Buller Mountain, explore coral reefs in the Great Barrier Reef and arrive Barossa Valley to enjoy the famous traditional grape wine of Adelaide where have little houses on the prairie. Be prepared for coming summer.

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Attrative Mt.Buller Skiing Area

Visit Australia in June, you will be surprised when everywhere is in hot summer, only Australia is in winter. You will be sated with skiing in the winder of Kangaroo land at Mt Buller Skyiing Area, about 300 km away from Melbourne and it takes you only 3 driving hours.

Mt.Buller area is noisy with tourists and snow-covered forest and mountain, you will fee like you are going to a small city in Europe in the winter. Here, you can find slopes for skiing with all levels, from green skiing route in Bourke Street, Baldy and Burnt Hut Spur to dangerous black skiing route such as Federation in the South, There are 3 kinds of wonderful slopes for skiing with boards and 9 kilometers of challenging skiing route in Stirling and Bluff Mountain. 

From July to mid-September is the ideal time for you to ski under the stars. There are many attractive winter activities. You can move with snow shoes on top of the mountain and then slide down through Buller chutes made of rubber, or use ski sticks between the eucalyptus trees on the slopes as professional athletes. Also, you can build things with snow, throwing snow, jump from high distance with spring wire travel on cable to see the wonderful view of Mt.Buller.

Explore Great Barrier Reef

Located on the east coast of Australia, in the city of Cairns, Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven ranked natural wonders of the World and also the destination loved by many foreign tourists

As the world's largest coral reefs with the length of 2,027 km, the Great Barrier Reef is made up of 3,000 coral reef blocks of large size in rows. Here, the ecosystem is conserved strictly and is the shared home of many diverse species of marine animals. Here, you can visit the ocean with glass bottom boat to admire the beauty and biodiversity of many wild marine animals such as fish, green turtles, dolphins, whales etc.

Besides the Great Barrier Reef, this place also has long coastlines, white sand and a sea area with changing colors constantly from sea blue to blue and to green. Swimming, snorkelling, surfing and walking on a cruisers or sipping wine at the bar on the beach to mix with the ocean life is the passion and desire of many tourists in hot summer days of tropical areas etc. ..

Visit Adelaide to enjoy high-grade wine

Adelaide City is located in the south of Australia where not only attract the tourists for grapes fields but also the pure taste of dinner wine but also because Adelaide city is the most peaceful and charming city of Kangaroo land for beautiful countryside scenery.

From the center of Adelaide, the car will take you to the Adelaide hills with dreamy little villages on the picturesque grassland and the world's leading wine factories right at Barossa Valley. For dinner-wind lovers, they will surely be attracted by wine production process which is clearly depicted on a wooden plaque with the history of grape samples, soil and typical wine bottles.

Here, you can wander on stretching vineyards or hire a car to go around winding streets to see the peaceful countryside with rolling mountains enjoy a glass of wine characterized by Adelaide land at Jacob’s Creek wine factory. Besides, you should not miss lunches with lamb and red wine or enjoy raw seafood such as oysters with white wine glass.

If already in Adelaide, you should visit Hahndorf – an ancient village with Bavaria (Germany) style to learn more about the lives of the German people which is exhibited in museums and galleries in the village. Let wander through the streets to see the ancient buildings and the eucalyptus trees planted in straight rows, explore the shops selling old appliances, wine, strawberry farm ... and do not forget to taste the sausage , sauerkraut and apple pie with a cup of cool Germany beer with rye flavor.


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Packaged price: VND53,990,000 /person  

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