Korea in spring is very beautiful with fine weather, colorful flowers, especially cherry blossoms which bring glamorous beauty on every street. From the end of March to mid-April, cherry blossom festivals are organized everywhere; however, the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival has become perhaps the South Korea’s most popular annual festival.

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The charming town of Jinhae on a mountainous stretch of Korea’s Namhae, or southern coastline, is best known as home of cherry blossom with over 300,000 trees burst into a virtual sea of pale-pink blossoms on streets, along river banks, on both sides of railway and scattered on mountain sides. Each spring, millions of Korean people and visitors crowd into the town to contemplate cherry blossom. Cherry blossoms with Pale-pink, white colors are in full bloom at every courtyard corner, eaves, glamorous to everyone.

The cherry blossom festival takes place within 10 days from the 1st to 11th April each year in Jinhae town of Gyeongnam province. This is the best period of time to contemplate cherry blossom in full bloom in the South Korea. And during this period of time, cars are not allowed to run in the festival area in order that visitors can comfortably promenade and contemplate beauty of cherry blossom and join festival activities here.

Destinations which are unignorable when you travel to the Jinhae cherry blossom festival are Yeojwa stream and Gyeonghwa Station. Especially, Gyeonghwa Station with its wonderful beauty  has been selected as one of the “50 must-sees in Korea” by CNN.  The Yeojwa Stream is known as the best place to enjoy beautiful flowers boasting a 1.5km-long cherry blossoms tunnel along with canola flowers in full bloom, that is ideal for photographing and used to be background for many romantic Korean films. Cherry blossom streets at the Republic of Korea Naval Academy, and the Naval Base are the largest destinations of the Jinhae cherry blossom festival.

Traveling to the South Korea on this occasion, promenading under white cherry blossom canopies, turning according to the “rains” of pink and white petals, enjoying birdsongs and seeing children playing happily under cherry blossom canopies will make your soul comfortable and peaceful. Any time in the day is also an ideal moment for you to contemplate cherry blossoms dreamlike in the early morning and sparkling in the colorful light at night. And any location under cherry blossom canopies might be also enjoyable for visitors to sit, picnic, and contemplate cherry blossoms with friends.

Contemplating cherry blossoms is part of metal life of Korean people. As coming here, visitors will have opportunity to either contemplate cherry blossoms or spectate traditional cultural performances, enjoy unique gastronomy of this land. Direct buses from Seoul Capital or Busan city to Jinhae are available on the festival season. In other regions of the South Korea, although there are not direct buses to Jinhae, it is not difficult if you can make good by traveling in different ways in order to get in one of the most beautiful festival in the year in the South Korea.

Because of the fact that Jinhae is situated in the southern coastline of the South Korea, cherry blossoms here bloom earlier than those in other regions and normally end in mid-April. Visitors who have not yet had opportunity to contemplate cherry blossoms in Jinhae may travel to the northern areas in the South Korea where cherry blossoms bloom a little bit later. 



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