Follow " Ngo Khong" discover Thach Lam

From the novel " Goi Dau Nam " of millions of people , Tay Du Ki has become popular with television audiences vividly through the film of the same name . In it , the character " Sun Wukong " built by Ngo Thua An author has been acted by Dong Lu Xiaoling in monkey shape come from the mountain rock . That place is Thach Lam Marble with traces worth exploring.

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Find traces of  Wukong


While travel companies focus on the local festival tour after New Year occasion , lack of new destinations for tourists, Vietravel has launched a new tour route with the rather strange name " Following Wukong to explore Thach Lam" . It may sound strange but if searched on Google , you only take 0:44 seconds to find out 6,900 search results about the movie and it is also the  great over 2 million year old forests called Thach Lam .

Thach Lam is an attractive place for tourists from everywhere (Photo: Internet)

The film’s background selected by director Yang is of four beautiful seasons , bloomed flowers in spring , green trees in summer  , blue sky in autumn and snow white in winter, brushwood rising form the cliffs creating the wonderful illusion of Penglai . Therefore, in many contexts of the movie " Journey to the West " , Thach Lam has been chosen to record the images of the period that Wukong was imprisoned by the Tathagata Buddha and Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara under the Rocky Mountains throughout  500 years . This context stays still until today in Thach Lam  Forest welcoming visitors from everywhere.

Visitors can come to Thach Lam at any time of the year because it is always beautiful in every season.

Although this tour is new for the southern tourists, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang is very familiar tour for travelers in northern areas because everyone spents time exploring the northern beautiful spring. Besides, with large and prestigious partner system , Vietravel ensures the quality of services, from hotels and restaurants to attractions and standard shopping centers.

Both Vietravel tour guide and local guides serve the journey so visitors do not have to worry about the customs clearance procedures. Combining the high quality plane and automobile so visitors have a lot of time for sightseeing, resting to be healthy enough to discover many beautiful destinations. Beside the attractiveness of the destination , Vietravel also offers attractive promotional prices , only from 15.99 million. this tour will be the " hot" one in the summer of 2014 .


The colorful Spring


Conminh – the capital of Yunnan province is compared with Xuan Thanh -" Spring City " because of the temperate weather all year. This is one of the largest provider of fresh flowers in China and for exporting to  other countries, so that you can enjoy the flowers everywhere , from sidewalks , fences , separators or on up and down buses on roads .

Visitors can admire the colorful flowers in Spring City Kunming

Tourists come here not only to visit but also to take photographs of all kinds of flowers 

However, it is the famous sightseeing making the charm of Conminh . Coming to Tay Son Long Mon, stone sculpture and statues of Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist perforated on vertical cliff that visitors should always admire. And Longmen port , the  Dragon Eyes associated with the famous Chinese integration named "carp into a dragon" may bring you good fortune? On the mountain there are Dinh Flowers, large and famous sacred temple  in Conminh with 500 vivid Arhat statues, being the ideal pilgrimage place for visitors from everywhere.

Tay Son Long Mon Temple with charming scenery will give guests the relaxing moments

Not far away is Kim Power - the palace was perfectly casted with bronze, its total weight is up to 200 tons . Visitors can not stop praising the talent of the old people from 400 years ago when they enjoy these sophisticated flying dragon images , dancing phoenix, birds , flowers ...    .

During the journey, tourists can explore the Cuu Huong including more than 100 stunning caves in the ground , learn the unique ethnic culture in Van Nam Bay Sac. In particular , an evening with delicious mushroom pot parties - famous dish of Yunnan with nutritious mushrooms will add energy to the body after long trip of endless fun.

When tasting this mushroom soup, you will find your journey more interesting


Tour information refer to:

 "Ha Noi – SaPa – Ha Khau - Stone Forest Thach Lam – Con Minh – Cuu Huong Cave" (7 days 

Price from : 15,990,000 VND 

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