Built in such an arid land with extremely severe climatic conditions in the Near & Middle East, the prosperous city of Dubai up to now has been considered to be “Hong Kong of Persian Gulf” and one of ideal destinations for visitors from all over the world. It not only contains miraculous things but also strong impression by great architectural works. If you travel to Dubai, you should not ignore interesting facts below!

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1. Contemplating Burj Khalifa skyscraper

Burj Khalifa skyscraper, which was designed by Tom Bright, a British architect, has been officially opened since 2010. With the height up to 828m, Burj Khalifa is deserved to be the pride of Dubai. Viewing from afar, the skyscraper looks like a vertical city, and as coming near, it is just like a “giant”. Visitors will have opportunity to visit the skyscraper and contemplate the panorama of the city from the world’s highest balcony (124th floor).   


2. Discovering the world’s biggest artificial island - The Palm

This is one of Dubai’s most daring projects under the “collection” of artificial islands off the coast as an artificial archipelago with houses, restaurants, hotels and resorts stretched on an area of 560 ha and called as the 8th World Wonder. Since construction was started in 2001 until completion, there have been a series of famous and luxurious hotels built on such islands and many VIPs have built their villas here. Among luxurious hotels on the islands, the Atlantis 6-star hotel is located on an ideal position and regarded as the world’s most beautiful hotel, a unique architectural work in Dubai.


3. Experiencing the world’s longest automatic metro

In order to deal with traffic disorder, the Administration of Dubai has spent about 6 years to plan, design and construct a great metro system known as Dubai Metro. With total length approximately 40 km, this is regarded as the world’s longest automatic metro system. Unmanned metros are accurately programmed in terms of departure and arrival time as well as automatically stopped in case of any trouble. Particularly, metro station looks like a splendid hotel for passengers to relax while waiting for their departure. 


4. Boating on river by ferry-boat at low cost

A unique means of transport in Dubai is Abra (a traditional boat made of wood). The Abras depart every few minutes. The fare is very cheap at 01 Dirham (equivalent to VND 6,000) only. With such amount of money, visitors will have a boating on river to contemplate the city with beautiful streets, traditional Arabian houses and arts galleries. 


5. Shopping easily at the world’s largest shopping mall - Dubai Mall

If you are a shopaholic, it is certain that you can hardly ignore Dubai Mall -  the world’s largest shopping and entertainment complex at present, attracting a larger number of visitors than New York. It includes over 1,000 luxurious shops offering different kinds of products for sale. In addition, inside Dubai Mall, there is also an ice-rink at the Olympic standards, splendid cinema and “indoor ocean” known as Dubai Aquarium with over 40,000 marine creatures.


6. Walking along the beach to contemplate the Persian Gulf

In summer, temperature is relatively high in Dubai but in winter it is more comfortable. If traveling to Dubai in this period of time, an ideal activity for visitors is to walk along the beach, contemplate blue sea water of the Persian Gulf, then you can enter a café or a luxurious restaurant to enjoy traditional Arabian food and drink. 


7. Riding camel to play polo in Dubai

Visiting Dubai Equestrian Club, you will have opportunity to attend a short-term course or experience camel polo in the day. This is an extremely exciting entertainment that you should not ignore when you travel to Dubai. The sound of camels running on green grass cover, mallet swinging, and shouting by trainers and players on the back of camels makes the atmosphere animated. Whenever camels turn their way, they are as slow as big tankers turning their way to the sea so that if you do not quickly hit the ball exactly, you will lose much time to turn the way with your camel to perform another swing.

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