I really love Korean films for the romance and beauty, this summer want to go with my family to discover this place. After consulting with a lot of information and advice from friends, I decided to choose Vietravel to get more necessary information about Visa procedures as well as attractive destinations in Korea (Thanh Nga-Phu My Hung)

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Procedures asking for Visa to Korea?

As in other countries, in order to get Visa, you are required to provide all documents including: Passport (original) with validity at least 6 months, your passport with many countries traveled is dominant; a new card photo taken no more than 6 months ago, size 4x6. Regarding to financial capacity proving, it is only required to provide a saving book with the minimum amount of one hundred million dongs with confirmation from the bank on the balanced amount in English. You are also required to provide the Certificate of Marriage (if married), Certificate of birth (for children) and confirmation of the school or student card, application for leave and labor contract (for employee). If you are the owner of the enterprise, you are only required to provide Business Registration Certificate, VAT tax payment receipt and information about other income sources such as house, vehicle leasing contract, land use and house ownership certificate etc. (if any). All documents must be provided in certified copies to Vietravel at least 2 weeks before departure date (in A4 size). Procedures for visa are not difficult and if you receive proper and sufficient consultancy, you will surely receive visa as scheduled by the Consulate. At Vietravel, almost 100% cases are successful in getting visa.

Romantic and dreamlike beauty of Korean attracting domestic and foreign tourists

Which destinations I should come?

In Korea there are many popular destinations in Seoul, Busan ... for you and your family to explore. In which Jeju Island, Nami Island, Everland Park are the most popular destinations of the tourists for its romantic beauty as in films. Everland park located in Gyeonggi province, about 1 hour by bus away from Seoul is one of ten most attractive entertainment parks in the world. Here, you shall together with your family discover fully about the histories, cultures and festivals all over the world. In Seoul, please visit Hanok Namsan Cultural Village located at the foot of Mount Namsan, where preserved almost intact the Joseon dynasty with the ancient houses in the village, including living things. There are many other scenic spots which can not be missed in your journey as Jeju island, Cheonjiyeon waterfall, Seongsan IIchulbong Peak, ghost road, Seongeup ethnic village.

Everland Park

What should I buy as souvenirs to Vietnam?

Korea is known as the shopping paradise with so many goods at very good prices. If shopping for fashion products, you should go to Dongdaemun with thousands of attractive shops for your choice. In traditional markets like Gyeongdong, Gwangjang and Namdaemun in Seoul, you can have the chance to hunt for the goods with Korean-style with both experience and look. In July and October every year, the annual sales off times will last for about 2 weeks. At markets such as E-mart, Homever, Lotte Mart and Kim’s Club, you can also receive discounts when shopping here. If your time is limited, you can also have another opportunity to shop at duty-free shops right at Incheon Airport to buy such goods as electronics, cosmetics, clothes, wool, leather, souvenirs, dried seaweed, kimchi etc. You should also stop to visit Busan Lotte Duty in Busan.


Korean Market

Difference in services of Korea Tour provided by Vietravel?

South Korea Tour is one of the hottest tours this summer at Vietravel. The highest departure frequency - with average of 20 – 30 tours / month. Especially when you joins South Korea Tour (6 days) of Vietravel, you will have additional chance to visit Namsan Hanok cultural village, enjoy unique and exciting Nanta Show or Drum Cat show; learn to make Kimchi with Korean food specialists and wear Hanbok to take souvenir photos. Korean Tour Price of Vietravel is the best price in the market at the present, about 1 million VND lower with from 3-star hotels and services. Tour price already includes all services in the tour and tip is not compulsory etc. This is the difference, only at Vietravel. You can visit  for further information.

Korean Traditional Dance

Tour Information:


Packaged Price: VND25,990,000/person

Departure: 25/6; 1, 8, 15, 22, 29/7/2013


Packaged Price: VND24,990,000

Departure: 20, 22, 27, 29/6; 2, 4, 6, 9, 13/7/2013

Packaged Price: 25.990.000 VND

Departure: 16, 18, 20, 23, 27, 30/7/2013

(* Tour Price is applied for departure from Ho Chi Minh city)



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