If you are planning to travel Europe this summer, let’s travel with Vietravel to St.Peterburg city to admire the magical white nights, romantic islands in France or British countryside to enjoy a view of purple Lavende flower fields. This summer, Vietravel has launched a series of fascinating Europe tours with ensured quality, superior services and differences which are waiting you to discover.

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Confirmation of superior quality and service

Besides the growth of the U.S, Japan, South Korea, Dubai tour market, European Tours are also the highlight attracting many visitors this summer with the average of about 10-15 tours each month. On the occasion of summer, Vietravel has launched many new products covering many areas of Central Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, to the Mediterranean to increase the number of European tours to 14 products and make the company rank the first in the market in terms of European tours for both quality and frequency.

In particular, there are about 10 different tours to France with many new destination and differences in quality of the services. Some typical tours are "France - Belgium - Netherlands - Germany" Tour (10 days), using VN / EK airlines, high departure frequency and many interesting destinations; "Netherlands - Germany - Luxembourg - Belgium - France" Tour (10 days) with from 3-4 star hotel, additional visiting programs to Monet Flower Garden, Sacre Coeur Church, and boat trip on Seine river; "France - Switzerland - Italy" Tour (13 days) with the tour price is up to VND3.5 million cheaper than that provided by other tourist companies, 3-4 star hotels and in this tour, the tourists will visit Sacre Coeur Church, Titisee Village (Black Forest), Rhine Falls, Frauenkirche Church; "France - Monaco - Spain - Greece" Tour (13 days) and "France - Monaco - Spain - Portugal" Tour (12 days) with additional interesting visit to Province Area (south of France) to admire the floral purple lavender fields etc.

In addition, meals in the tours are also arranged to suite the tourists' taste, including Western, Chinese, Vietnamese dishes are alternated to ensure the tourists feel most satisfied. In particular, during the tour, the tour price already includes all services for the tour and the do not have to pay any extra fees including the gratuity for the tour guide, besides the tourists are also served with distinct and unique services because Vietravel has investments and good links with the gold partner system.

Attractiveness of St. Peterburg white night

White Night begins from last May when the city is filled with colorful flowers, the park is filled with green trees. However, the fun will only really burst up the middle of June when the sun appears at the horizon and never sets. That's the great moment that you can admire the dim and ambiguous white night between day and night to make the people feel as lost in an entirely different world.

At around 9-10 pm, you can feel that the city is in sunset color. Outdoor scenery is still bright enough to be able to read books, just as the sun never sets all night but only slowly wandering in the horizon. White Nights in St. Petersburg is glamour thanks to the special position of the Neva River and the many small rivers running through the city which all together forms a dreamlike and romantic scenery. Along the Neva River, the people are standing and cheering when the giant Palace Bridges crossing the river are gradually splited, standing up in the flickering light in the sunset moment of 1-2AM, to open the way for the ships. This is a routine procedure in the White Night Festival in St. Petersburg. If you are walking on the right bank of the river, you should be sure that you can return because the subway will stop at 12:30AM and the bridges will only open at 5:AM next day and then you will have no way to return.

White Night in Saint Petersburg is really "sexy" with a picture of the bridges opened in the flickering light of sunset. But perhaps the white night in Saint Petersburg is special and memorable when sailing on the Neva River, watching the sunlight on the golden dome of St. Isaac Church on the other bank of the river and enjoy the pinnacle festival of Scarlet Sails - "scarlet sails". This is the largest and most prominent event attracting more than 1 million participants.

If you are in St. Petersburg this summer, you should not miss to enjoy morozhenoe ice-cream and Arbus watermelon, Letnii Flower garden sightseeing or sunbathing on Neva River. Ladoga Lake is a favorite address for picnics, boating and river bathing. You can also go to the ice sheets in Bantich sea and breath salty sea breeze to dispel the hot summer days.

Discover European Countryside

In European countries, summer is also the most suitable time for the tourists to visit cool and pure countryside with fresh emotions about the pristine lands, mountains and forests and the hard-working people on the vast flower fields and green mountains etc...

At the end of June to mid-August, the lavender fields in France, and British all put on the ultramarine violet shirts. Fragrant aroma emanates and this is the time for the farmers to harvest flowers

Discover Southeastern Region of France with dreaming Provence land where is considered "capital" of lavender. You will not be overwhelmed by flavors from the fields of blooming flowers running to the horizon. From Paris, you can take a train to Provence, then travel by car to the peaceful village of Luberon to admire the most beautiful lavender farms of Provence. Cycling around lavender fields in bright summer days, you will not only be mesmerized by the purple color but also the aroma of lavender. The relaxing and pure aroma can be saved as long as three months, as an unforgettable memory of the peaceful land of Provence.

You can also visit the Surrey, a few miles away from London- the capital of England to enjoy a party time of all senses: enjoying the beauty of flower, passionate aroma and unique taste of dishes processed from lavender. The lavender fields are most common in the town of Banstead, and this is harvest time at 25-acre Mayfield Organic Farm. The place here is covered with purple to create beautiful paintings as the summer paradise of the British.


Moscow – St Peterburg (9 days)

Departs: 4/7                                          

Price: From VND68,990,000/person

France - Monaco - Spain - Portugal (12 days)

Departs: 14/7; 21/8

Price: VND95,990,000 /person

France - Monaco - Spain - Greece (13 days)

Departs: 14/7; 21/8

Price: VND97,990,000 /person

British (9 days)

Departs: 28/6; 12, 26/7; 9, 23/8

Price: VND74,990,000/person

British – Scotland (12 days)

Departs: 4, 18, 26/7, 9, 23/8

Price: from VND 92,990,000/person



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