Summer is also the peak tourist season in the U.S. with a series of special festivals. On this occasion, the people often take their families to the US to reunite with their relatives and satisfy their travel dream, and learn about the world-famous “flag and flower” country for its modern, comfort and professionalism.

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From Dream comes true

With the love for adventure travel, Mr. Hung (lives in Huynh Tat Phat, District 7) has traveled to many places inside and outside the country. However, travel to US is still his dream from long time ago. He said “The dream to discover US has been with me for 10 years. Being an employee and at the age of less than 40, I know that it is very difficult to apply for visa to US, and a miracle to make my dream come true is no one other than Vietravel

After getting visa, the most impression left in his mind is that Vietravel organized the tour to the US themselves without through any other travel company. During the tour, beside the tour guide, there were also customer-care staffs in the US who took care every meals as well as health of the whole team. The last night in Las Vegas, the team was offered a spectacular party on luxury Limousines car when the tourists were drinking beer while listening to music and went around Las Vegas, it was actually an unforgettable experience.

He added that, “Before, it is said that it is required to have a professional US Tour organizer for organizing tours to US, now this opinion is changed when we can enjoy perfect services and care for the tourists from a reputable travel company and Vietravel is one of such example”.

To Professional US Tour Brand

Today, at vietravel, US Tour has become a strong advantage and attracted many tourists, not only for good service quality but also reasonable price, interesting destination and high departure frequency of from 5-7 tours/month. At peak time as Cherry Flower Season in Washington D.C or summer, this number may be 8 tours with from 40 tourists.

Travel to the US shall not be so difficult if you travel with Vietravel. With more than 15 years of experience in organizing US tours for hundreds thousands of tourists of all ages, Vietravel understands what the tourists expert and feel most satisfied in US tour is service quality, thoughtfulness and carefulness in tour organization, from receiving the documents to arranging and registering for visa interview as soon as possible.

With experienced staffs who understand clearly the customers’ need and financial conditions as well as health, visa application job has also gained the best results. Besides, the understanding about history and culture of US, cheerfulness and thoughtfulness of tour guides during the tour are also important factors to connect all members of the team to become close accompanies to make them feel happy and comfortable as living in a shared house.


Some photos about US tour teams with Vietravel

Besides above mentioned factors, at Vietravel , service quality is always the top priority. With a reputable brand in US tours, the company has established 02 offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco to be active in all restaurant, hotel and transportation services without working under any intermediary partner. All companies have been carefully selected on the basis of Vietravel standards to ensure the highest satisfactoriness and comfort of the customers. Therefore, US tours offered by Vietravel are always at the most competitive price, with perfect services, careful and thoughtful tour organization and cost-saving have been factors which help to build Vietravel brand to receive the trust and supports from customers everywhere.

What should prepare for US Summer Tour?

To prepare for a travel to US in this 2013 summer, the tourists can choose the tour to East Coast (the capital of Washington D.C, New York, Philadephia); and West Coast (California, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco) with Hawaii beach. If tour to both West-East coast will take from 10-12 days and it takes about 7-9 days for only West or East Coach, Hawaii tour will take 06 days for you to rest and discover.

If you love to study about history of the US and love the natural beauty, East Coast tour will be the most suitable choice. For active, cheerful tourists who love warm climate, West Coast Tour will be better. Most Vietnamese tourists to the US choose West Coast because as you may know, California is the state with many Vietnamese people who are living here and you can visit and meet many relatives and friends during the stay here.

For East Coast Tour to US, two destinations that you should not miss are the capital of Washington D.C and New York. The Spring here is very beautiful and normally starts from early April when cherry flowers are in bloom in Washington D.C. Cool summer is suitable for traveling and visiting beautiful places. When arrive West Coast, do not forget to visit Hollywood Boulevard, film Studios of Universal, Sea World, Little Saigon, Las Vegas etc. Particularly in Little Saigon area, there are many commercial centers ran by Vietnamese people in which the most famous one is Phuoc Loc Tho area, besides there are also many restaurants, eateries, café etc. where serve many Vietnamese foods and drinks. Therefore, the tourists here will feel as they are at home. If you are a shopping fan, Noel time is the most interesting time because that is the sale-off season with a series of “big sale” programs in the year. The summer will be suitable for sightseeing to enjoy natural landscape and especially for sea travel.

 Washington D.C

Noisy Las Vegas – an attractive destination to the tourists

Additional information:

For a US tour will be perfect, you are highly noted as follows:

- At peak season, air-ticket to US is normally expensive and if your application for visa to US at this time will take you nearly one month from the interview registration date. Therefore, you are recommended to book for the tour early to book for the tour and register for interview for Visa as soon as possible.

- You should bring thin coat to keep warm, especially in evening and when seating on the airplane or car.

- Should prepare photos of all personnel identification documents in case lost. To ensure safety, it is best to use credit card and only carry a little amount of cash, mainly small money to use at airport and some public places.

- Instant noodles in cup should be taken in case you are unfamiliar with the foods in US

-Prepare some common medicines (fever, cold, abdominal pain etc.) to use when necessary.

-Shopping should be at supermarkets, outlets, shopping malls etc. to have ensured quality and the price is posted to avoid bargain. You should not go shopping in East Coast because the goods here are more expensive than those in the West Coast and besides you also have to pay freight for these goods purchased here from Washington D.C to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles and Las Vegas, there are many outlet, shopping mall etc, where offer the goods at low prices and you can shop there.

- For electronic, laptops, telephones etc, you can buy at large-scale electronics centers of US such as Bestbuy, Fry’s Electronics. The prices indicated on the products are exclusive from taxes which are different from state to state and normally of 8-9%.


Tour Information:


Packaged Price: VND 70,990,000/person

Departure:  2,9,23/06; 7,19, 27/07  


Packaged Price: VND 80,990,000/person 

Departure:  12, 26/06 ; 17,23,31/07 


Packaged Price: VND 90,990,000/person 

Departure:  5,19, 26/06 ; 3, 24/07 


Packaged Price: VND 60,990,000/person 

Departure:  6, 12, 20, 27/06; 4,11,25/7



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