Not only attracting by white blumea blossoming, green tea terraced fields or colorful wild sunflowers, poinsettia flowers…does Moc Chau plateau at the autumnal end bring to you a legendary space with drifting and bobbing fog in the early morning.

  11/10/2013 14:44

Moc Chau, that is about 200km from Hanoi, is an attractive tourist destination especially for adventurers and photographers in the white blumea blossoming season from the end of October. For this reason, after many appointments, our group decided to depart for discovering such splendid flower paradise. Arriving at Moc Chau at 3 a.m when the townlet was still in thick fog and very cold weather condition. After a short sleep, we continued traveling to seek for flowers on a motorbike rented from a guesthouse.

Moc Chau plateau at the end of autumn was cold, fog still embraced each branch of tree and blade of grass in spite of pale sunlight appeared. Along the small path connecting Moc Chau townlet and Nong Truong townlet, we were absorbedly amazed with fences of  wild sunflowers closely grew along the small path leading to a small and neat house in the golden autumnal sunlight.

In this season, such a purely white color of white blumea blossoming covered every field, every hill in Moc Chau plateau, but it was said by adventurers that the area in Bang Ang pine forest was the most beautiful place. Here, tens of hectares of white blumea were blossoming and covering as far as the eyes can see, that made everyone amazed even at the first sight. Fields and hills as wide as tens of hectares were covered by such a pure white color integrated with very green color of young corn plants, red color of Christmas flowers and brown color of soil. 

Looking from afar, the entire valley of white blumea looked like white soft clouds bobbing on green vegetation. Walking on foggy path, I was very surprised whether I was walking in the flower forest or in an unreal cloudy sea. Till now, when closing my eyes, I still and distinctly feel such a soft aroma of flowers and cool fog in that plateau.

We, after one minute of absorbedness of flowers, got back to the reality and promptly took camera to record the most beautiful, most romantic moments. Colorful warm coats, colorful scarves and stylish woolen hats were maximally used to get the most impressive photos. In spite of such happiness, we did not forget the principle “take nothing except for photos, leave nothing except for footprints” of adventurers, tried to avoid trampling on flowers because it was the result of hard work of ethnic minorities in the mountainous region because of the fact that in one year, apart from a paddy crop, white blumea was grown to get seeds and press for oil so that this secondary crop was very important.

Not only available with white blumea was such beautiful plateau luring us with green tea hills as far as the eyes could see, strange feelings succeeded and could not be expressed in words. The sun rose up; each tender tea leave was sparkling with early morning dewdrop. On the way to Ngu Dong – Ban On, visitors would burst with happiness when seeing tea hills with shape of five hearts integrated with one another. Innumerable couples have come here to record the best photos for their weeding albums as an aspiration of eternal happiness.

When we felt hungry, we came into a restaurant by the roadside to enjoy specialities of such a green plateau. The restaurant owner righteously and friendly introduced the most famous specialities of Moc Chau plateau. Fried veal with citronella and ginger which was soft and not fatty, grilled stream fish, a dish of sweetish ‘Meo’ cabbage together with a bowl of stewed ‘Man’ taro..were quickly eaten up with enjoyment of visitors from the lowland. Possibly, it was one of the most impressively delicious meal in our itinerary of traveling through the S-shaped land. 

Leaving Moc Chau, the half real and half unreal scenery of flowers, simple houses under plum canopies with animated smiles of children…were still impressive in my mind. Good bye Moc Chau! There would be some day in the near future, we would come back here to wallow in colorful flower forest, and tranquil and peaceful life….
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