Vietravel has launched a tour to explore destinations Binh Chau and Ho Tram combining luxury 5 star resort . Located very close to Ho Chi Minh City , with convenient traffic conditions , diverse and luxury service, this is an ideal destination for tourists on their weekend holiday.

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Far from Ho Chi Minh city about 150km , Binh Chau hot spring in Ba Ria - Vung Tau is the hyphenation of natural resources , combining pristine mountain forests and mineral springs . Ho Tram Beach is also  considered as an interesting destination not to be missed in the journey . In particular , 5-star VSP hotel will be a great place for visitors to rest and welcome spring.

Enjoy a perfect holiday with Vietravel

Arriving at Binh Chau, you will feel downright fascinating wonders of nature , among the untouched primary forest emerged with a heated pool, 70 outcroping water  injections forming a stream system from 37oC to 82oC heat year round. Binh Chau Spa widest pool is about 100 m2, more than a meter in depth , the water temperature of about 64oC and 84oC at the lake bottom. The water reservoir always sparkles, evaporates as a enormous natural steam. In hot water of about 40oC, you can  bath, soak hands and foot for treatment. Interestingly, in such heated pool areas , mangrove forests and other vegetation still grow, creating compelling beauty , exotic nature .

In smog, you can catch somewhere the silhouette of a young couple in the legend of Binh Chau hot springs . Once upon a time, this place was desolated mountains , there were a  woodcutter couple living by hunting . Everyday, the husband looked for wildlife , the wife cooked and weaved at home. One day, her husband was busy with hunting deep in the forest and got lost. The sky was getting dark, he did not know the way to home so that he stayed in the forest. At home, his wife  boiled a pot of water ready in advance to make food with wild animals that her husband got, waiting too long, she poured boiling water into the ground, turned into a giant lake of boiling water . It is now Binh Chau hot springs pouring endlessly until today.

The legend is that, but according to scientists , Binh Chau hot mineral water is formed by the water of the lake in the primeval forest. Water flowing in the forest cracks penetrates the ground at a depth of more than 3000m and is heated . Under strong pressure, hot water is pushed up to the surface . According to scientific analysis , Binh Chau mineral water containing silicon , nitrogen , sulfur , sodium , chlorine is good for health , cure a disease if bathing regularly.

The most impressive thing for visitors is  soaking in hot mud refined by  sophisticated processes to help restore health . After being soaked in water for about 15 minutes in hot tubs, away from the noisy world , you will get mud mixed with the tea tree oil to rub all over your body . Wait about 30 minutes , when the mud dried , you will soak it with hot water for 15 minutes more , you quickly feel fresh and healthy after a unique mud bath . Mineral water or hot mud sediments has proven to be the best therapy for the restoration of human health .

Breaking up with mud bathing area , visitors had hot water spray skylight area  over 800C , built into a very interesting boiled egg area for visitors . You can buy eggs at the resort and soak the eggs in hot water 82oC . Just 10-15 minutes after the eggs are cooked runny, much more attractive when you cooked at home .

And during the holidays , is there anything greater than the moment to bask in the cool blue waters and relaxedly lie on the sand to feel extremely comfortable and relax. Blue sea Ho Tram and Binh Chau hot spring resort service is 5 star luxury Vietravel tour ready to serve tourists . Register today for a meaning tour with family and friends .

Tour Information :

KDL Binh Chau Hot Mineral Spring - Ho Tram ( Heaven 05 star luxury resort Ho Tram Resort VSP ) ( 2 days )

Price : from 1,990,000 VND


Contact Information :

Vietravel - 190 Pasteur Street, Ward 6 , District 3 , Ho Chi Minh City

Phone : (08) 3822 8898 ( Please numbers : 259 , 228 , 229 , 230 , 231 , 232 , 233 , 234 , 235 , 236 , 237 )

Hotline : 0938 301 399 or Ms . Hoang Trang 0939 658 688

Email : [email protected]


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