From ancient lore, horses have been known as animal with many moral and spiritual values to the mankind and they are worshiped and respected by many nations. Horse is the image of patience, persistence, luck and fortune. For the highland people in general and Ha Bac-Lao Cai people in particular, a horse is the most valuable asset and an indispensable member of the farming family. This animal lives closely to the people and help them to do a lot of hard work: transporting the goods to fields in the mountains, to the markets and supporting the transportation through passes, hills, mountains, hill slopes etc. to make it easier and facilitate the trade activities of the highland people.

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No one remembers when Bac Ha Horse Race started. After a long time of absence, recently this tradition has been restored to meet cultural and spiritual needs of Ha Bac people and tourists. Horses were closely linked to horsemen from the childhood time therefore their love for this animal is very deep. Good horses are those with smooth hair, wide chin, wide chests, straight legs and hoof. Victory on the race will not only bring about the pride to the individual but also his villages, hamlets.

Bac Ha horse racers this year are equipped carefully with hamlets, sports clothing and shoes; however, the simpleness and pureness of the horserace are still remained when horsemen are on horses without addles, pedals and only drive horses with the rode, even with hands only. Pack-horses seem to be more gracious as usual when adorned with a red ribbon around their necks.

Jockey in parade

Jockeys are prepared to enter the race

The main characters of the tournament were very simple farmers with sunburned skin, gentle eyes, timid and quite look; when entered the race, they were suddenly transformed into the speed-passionate and incredibly brave warriors. They skillfully controlled the reins to force the horses run right over, threw themselves forward with the high concentration, hope in eyes and determined spirit to win. In the semi-final and final, many jockeys follow closely and compete one another for every meter. Many jockeys seemed to lose but suddenly lead after a spectacular break. The audience cheered relentlessly, cheering with excitement, breathtaking suspense around the arena.

Jockeys in fierce competition

The tournament had no professional horse-riders or horsemen. Sometimes, horses were separated from the track, and ran into the middle grass yard or stopped without running enough rounds as required. Even some horses ran double required distance and the owner could not stop. However, the martial spirit of the youth of Bac Ha and districts left a strong impressions in the souls of the audiences. The brave horsemen still jumped on the horse after fell to continue the race although they knew for sure that they could not win but they still conformed to the rules and ran enough required rounds and tried to win team prize.

According to final result, the first individual prize was awarded to Vang Van Huynh in Na Hoi commune and the second individual prize was awarded to Vang Van Cuong in Na Hoi commune, the third prize was awarded to Giang Seo Dung in Thai Giang Pho prize and consolation prize was awarded to Sung Seo Seng in Ta Van Chu commune. It was known that the winner of first prize of Ha Bac Horserace was also the winner of 2012.  Organization Board decided to award the team prize as follows: third team prize to Simacai district, second team prize to Na Hoi commune and first team prize to Ta Van Chu. In Bac Ha Horserace this year, Vietravel had the great honor to be the gold sponsor with the wish of bring about exciting experiences, sublimated feelings to the local people and visitors and contribute to the success of the tournament. It is known that Bac Ha district welcomed more than 30,000 tourists on this special cultural event.

Vietravel Branch in Lao Cai signed to receive campaign medal from Board of organization

For-community, for-environment tourism is the commitment of Vietravel to the province. surely, Vietravel will continue to join hands and accompany with meaningful and special cultural and social activities of Lao Cai as well as other provinces throughout Vietnam.

(Source: Vietravel Lao Cai) 


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